Achieving significant school change is challenging and hard won. The School Innovation and Change Awards (SICA) recognizes schools that have been failing and managed to become exemplary. It is the only award of its type because it is not another “blue ribbon” school award. Instead, it salutes the ability to innovate and change. It provides proof that change leaders can make a difference. 

Make a case for why your school should be a winner of this award by measuring it against the SICA Change Criteria. The SICA team has developed four change dimensions, each with four indicators, which your school should address in applying for the award.

Why Apply?

  • $10,000 Grant to Winning Schools
  • The valuable submission process requires schools to self-asses
  • Awards will be presented at each school & at the National Ceremony in NYC
  • NPLI will add ongoing, expert support to your school.
  • Principals of winning schools receive full scholarship to the 20th Annual NPLI Summer Institute

Deadline: April 20, 2017

Apply here: