"Ramping Up for the Next Decade"

July 13-18, 2019 New York City

Are you ready?

The beginning of the 21st Century brought great hope and limitless promise.  We are now 20 years into fulfilling those aspirations. Which promises have we kept? Which dreams have been deferred or destroyed?  How prepared were we in 2000? Now?

Do we have leaders who learn from the past, understand the present, and embrace the future? Leaders who dare to see what others cannot see? Will we stay stuck in place or re-think and innovate?

NPLI 2019 will focus on the changes and challenges being forecast for 2020-2030 and what that will mean for “getting an education.”

First, however, we need to look at the bigger picture. What kind of world is being created? How different will it be from what we have now?

We have four arenas of interest. Each will generate forecasts for the future with implications for schools.

  • How will we live? What will our daily life look like? How will education be defined? Will individual growth be supported? Are we headed toward a utopia or a dystopia?

  • What will we value? How will success be measured? Will we have heroes? Are there “higher principles” that cannot to be ignored such as justice, equity, and opportunity?

  • Who will have power? Who will be in charge? Will the gaps between rich and poor worsen? Is “security” winning its tense tightrope with “liberty”? What impact for changing demographics

  • Can we harness technology? Will it enrich our lives? Or, will the future be driven by furious change that knows no boundaries or limits? Will we command technology or will it control us?

Invited presenters include: activist icons Dolores Huerta, Jim Lawson, and Diane Nash; commentators David Brooks and Cornel West; educational leaders Michael Hinojosa and Richard Carranza; film and television directors Spike Lee and Shonda Rhimes; futurist Lisa Bodell; historians Doris Kearns Goodwin and Annette Gordon-Reed; inventors and innovators Jake Barton and Caleb Harper; thought leaders Mark Brackett, Stan Litow and Alan November, and urban planner Mindy Fullilove.

All have presented at NPLI in the past, with the exception of Brooks, Goodwin, Lee, Nash, and Rhimes.


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